What can Italians do at the table?

“You don’t get old at the table” says an old proverb, perhaps from no one in the world better embodied than by the Italians.

It is not wrong to say that an essential feature of the “Belpaese” culture is based on food.

The family stays together at the table in everyday life and on important occasions. Very often new loves begin during a dinner. At the table important speeches are made, projects are born.

The best ideas can be found in front of a plate of pasta. While sipping coffee, you can make deals. Biting together a sweet, chosen among countless variations in that “guantarella” that arrives at the end of the Sunday lunch, you can tame even the most rigid interlocutor and close a good deal.

And talking about “guantarella” … do you know why it’s so called? -> DID YOU KNOW THAT …? That’s why “a‘ guantarella e ’paste’ is so called

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